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DNcall lets you focus on your marketing efforts while ensuring compliance with all relevant Do Not Call laws.

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DNcall Features


Standard Features

Whether you have one call center or one hundred - or an agent network that numbers in the thousands, DNcall can fit your Do Not Call compliance needs.

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Optional Features

Customize your Do Not Call solution with these features.

  • Reassigned Number Database (RND)
  • Litigator List
  • DNC Quickcheck
  • Wireless E-Signature Compliance Application
  • Notification
  • EBR Manager
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Managed Services

Managed Services

Ease the burden and expense of compliance by outsourcing any or all of your internal marketing compliance operation to the experts at PossibleNOW

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RegInfoHub provides access to current regulatory information and compliance guidance for phone, text, email, fax, and pre-recorded message communications. It allows you to easily create customized views based on topic and jurisdiction.

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DNcall Standard Features


DNcall offers a comprehensive features set to ensure compliance with all relevant Do Not Call laws

  • Handle high volume scrubbing against all relevant Do Not Call databases

    Get access to all relevant Do Not Call lists lookup including state, federal, company-specific, and wireless.

  • Effectively manage company-specific Do Not Call lists

    Utilize tools such as date stamping, upload and scrub receipts to ensure compliance with the Federal mandate of maintaining a company-specific DNC list.

  • Create projects for managing multiple campaigns

    Easily create and track multiple projects, including multiple campaigns, if you place calls on behalf of multiple clients.

  • Suppress calls to an entire state

    The handy Geo Entity Suppression tool can suppress calls to an entire state in addition to using state or federal filters. Easily comply with those states that ban telemarketing calls on state holidays or during times of a declared state emergency.

  • Create and fulfill your Do Not Call policy directly to consumers

    Satisfy Federal requirements by using the Policy Wizard in DNcall to create your company's Do Not Call policy. Then, provide automatic delivery of the policy with our fulfillment services.

  • Train your staff on the Do Not Call laws

    Provide online training to all of your outbound calling staff to ensure that you comply with the Federal requirement for DNC training.

  • Access detailed reports on compliance activities

    Defend against any unwarranted complaints with detailed reports on your compliance activities.

  • Utilize time-savings tools such as Number Research and Bad Number Detector

    Use real-time Number Research for a complete history of any phone number and any scrub. The Bad Number Detector identifies invalid phone number formats on your calling list - before you scrub!

  • Comply with Canada's National Do Not Call List

    DNCSolution also provides support if you make sales calls to consumers in Canada. You can learn more about the Canadian requirements at https://www.lnnte-dncl.gc.ca/index-eng

Features to automate your compliance processes

  • Web Services

    Streamline compliance by checking phone numbers against single filter or multiple filter sets. Web Services is ideal for smaller campaigns with record sets of 1,000 phone numbers or less.

    Call centers can use Web Services to instantly check on the Do Not Call status of a single phone number.

  • SFTP Push/Pull Routines

    Streamline compliance by checking phone numbers against single filter or multiple filter sets. Web Services is ideal for smaller campaigns with record sets of 1,000 phone numbers or less.

  • CRM Integration

    With PossibleNOW's in-house development team and our Managed Services group, we can offer services to integrate DNCSolution into existing applications such as CRM systems or with your existing business processes. This can save you time and effort.

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DNcall Optional Features


Help ensure TCPA & Mobile Compliance with these features

Reassigned Number Database (RND)

The RND lets callers or caller agents validate the status of a phone number (i.e., whether or not the number has been permanently disconnected after the date of consent provided by the Caller/Caller Agent). The RND tracks disconnected landlines, wireless numbers, and VOIP.

The RND is available for use as of November 1st, 2021 and companies who are not verifying numbers against it are at risk of violating the TCPA.

DNCSolution provides access to the RND as an optional, value-added service, and PossibleNOW acts as a Caller Agent on our clients’ behalf. DNCSolution will provide a seamless integration to this database to ensure you maintain compliance with all federal regulations for calling landlines, wireless, and VOIP numbers.

Learn more about the RND and how PossibleNOW can help you.

Litigator List

TCPA litigation abuse occurs when individuals or entities purposely engage with companies, often through communication methods covered by the TCPA (such as telemarketing calls or unsolicited text messages) with the intention of creating a basis for a lawsuit. They may claim that they received unwanted communications in violation of the TCPA and seek damages in court.

PossibleNOW offers a known plaintiff database of these known plaintiffs to help marketers protect themselves from known plaintiffs in TCPA and debt collection-related lawsuits while ensuring compliance with current consumer privacy legislation.

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If your organization works with an agent network or has branch offices, DNCQuickcheck is the compliance solution for you! DNCQuickcheck lets your agents instantly check the Do Not Call status of phone numbers. Can be used stand-alone or with DNCSolution.

  • Type phone numbers one at a time or "cut & paste" a list of up to 100 numbers
  • Check phone numbers against all relevant DNC lists
  • See instantly if the phone number is callable
  • Train staff on Do Not Call laws
  • Collect consumer Do Not Call requests
  • Mail corporate Do Not Call policy to consumers upon request
  • Get reporting of all agent-based activities
  • Add an optional tool at no additional cost to manage exemptions under the Established Business Relationship rules.

Wireless E-Signature Compliance Application

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that a company obtain written consent from a consumer before delivering any type of advertisement or telemarketing call that uses an automatic telephone dialing system to any mobile device.

The FCC rules mean that telemarketers can no longer rely on oral or implied consent. Implied consent refers to the assumption that a consumer who provided a mobile phone number to a company was willing to be called on that device. Neither oral nor implied consent now meet the FCC requirements for prior express written consent.

We have the tools to solve this problem! Here's how:

  • A visitor enters their phone number into a lead collection form on your web site
  • A web services call to PossibleNOW's database determines if the phone number is a landline or wireless
  • If it is a wireless phone number, an e-signature form with the appropriate disclosure language displays to capture a valid e-signature for prior express written consent

If the application determines that the phone number is a landline, you can capture and save the information for later use to show an established business relationship with the consumer. You must maintain this data for historical and reporting purposes and to ensure compliance with the FCC recordkeeping rules.

  • Continue to market to prospects whether it is a landline or wireless number
  • Quickly determine how and when express written consent was received
  • Maintain all records of consent


DNcall's optional Notification feature can automatically re-scrub your calling lists saving you time and effort.

Federal laws dictate how often you must scrub your calling lists. You must scrub against the wireless ported numbers list every 15 days. You must re-scrub your calling lists against the National Do Not Call Registry every 31 days.

  • Get automatic re-scrubbing of your calling lists on a schedule that you define
  • Receive automatic notification if any new Do Not Call numbers found
  • See which Do Not Call list was matched (state, federal or company-specific Do Not Call list)
  • Save time and effort to keep lists up-to-date during extended calling campaigns

EBR Manager

Safely call customers and prospects whose phone numbers are on a Do Not Call list by properly utilizing Established Business Relationship exemptions.

The federal EBR exemption lets direct marketers call consumers for up to 18 months following the last transaction (order, ship date or payment) and 3 months from last inquiry. Individual state laws vary regarding this exemption.

The US government puts the burden of proof that a business relationship exists on you. EBR Manager identifies the Do Not Call phone numbers on your list and the exact federal and/or state jurisdictions that apply. This ensures that any exemption you apply is based on a valid EBR exemption rule. You’ll have the complete reporting to show that you are following the law and using this exemption correctly.

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